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Looking to the Future, Caring for the Past


Conservation Architects LLP specialises in the care of historic buildings, combining a wealth of experience with a commitment to protecting our built heritage. Following the RIBA Plan of Work 2013, we work with our clients to produce a clear, structured plan of action and manage that plan from start to finish.


Conservation is not necessarily the presevation of a building as it stands. We recognise that anything from a simple repair or general maintenance, to major alteration work, may be needed to allow a structure to contine to be used.


Repair and Maintenance of Historic Structures


From Quadrennial and Quinquennial Inspections and Conservation Management Plans to repair work, we understand the importance of caring for an historic structure. We ensure that any work carried out, is done using the right materials and methods in order to enhance rather than damage the structure.


Re-orderings, Alterations and Extensions


Whether it is adding toilet or kitchen facilities, increasing meeting space or living accommodation, we work with our clients to develop a feasible plan that meets their needs.


We are experienced in and available for:


  • Planning Applications, Listed Building Applications, and Grant Applications.

  • Quadrennial and Quinquennial Inspections for individual structures or whole sites.

  • DAC/Faculty Applications.

  • Feasibility Studies.

  • Conservation Management Plans.

  • re-orderings, alterations and extensions.

  • repairs and alterations.

  • new buildings in sensitive locations


Projects Examples


St Mary the Virgin, Weston-on-the-Green

St Mary the Virgin, Weston-on-the-Green, EASA Journal Article, Summer 2017 Issue

St Nicholas, Baulking

St Peters, Great Haseley

All Saints, Marlow - Narthex project video



Office-2 Well SPSP1 WOTG6 Ashley-House