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Looking to the Future, Caring for the Past

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What is a Listed Building?


In short, it is a "building of special architectural or historic interest". However, the term is not just confined to a building, but could also apply to an object or structure.


Listed buildings are graded to show their importance:

Grade I buildings are those of exceptional interest (the majority are churches).

Grade II* are particularly important buildings of more than special interest.

Grade II are of special interest, justifying every effort to preserve them.



Why Employ an Architect?


Historic buildings require regular maintenance in order to protect the fabric of the building and prevent larger, more expensive issues to arrive. Conservation Architects LLP has over 20 years of experience with historic buildings, structures and sites. Christian Randall is and RIBA accredited Conservation Architect and has been responsible to carrying out inspections, repairs, alterations and extensions to a variety of listed buildings including:


  • Churches.

  • MOD sites and Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

  • Colleges and Universities.

  • Private residences.


We have a good working relationship with a number of trusted contractors and builders, to ensure that work is carried out to a high standard and using the correct materials.


Making changes to a listed building, requires the appropriate planning consent. A specialist Architect understands the processes of working on listed buildings and are best placed to offer help with:


  • carrying out Quadrennial and Quinquennial inspections.

  • obtaining Listed Building Consent, planning permission and Building Regulations approval.

  • identifying maintenance or repair work that is to be undertaken, specifying which materials are to be used.

  • producing a design that will meet the needs of the client while understanding the restrictions of an historic property.

  • finding appropriate builders or contractors.

  • managing a project through to completion.



Further Information


RIBA guide for stewards of historic buildings

RIBA guide for owners of historic/listed buildings, or those located in a Conservation Area

Historic England advice for home owners

Historic England guide for owners of listed buildings

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